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The Citadel and St. John’s in Selçuk

-St John’s ruined basilica & the Citadel, a 6000-year-old site where he is said to have written his Gospel. Selçuk 20 August 2012- Many days of heat- Many days of rain- Crusaders & pilgrims all gone now. ©Trici Venola 8/2012

A long happy time on my birthday in 2012 drawing this longshot of Selçuk, with its great ruined monuments. Just beyond the trees at center is the huge ruin of the Temple of Artemis, broken marble half-sunk in a marsh, storks nesting on the one surviving column.

My Favorite St. John’s Capital

-Possibly this gladiator converted & was buried in St John’s- My favorite marble relic at St John’s- Searing heat did me in- So finished from a photo- 22 August 2012 ©TriciVenola 2012

All these 6thCentury capitals are lined up in rows on a grassy knoll in front of the ruin of St John’s in Selçuk. There was a Gladiator’s cemetery somewhere around here. Their tombstones are all around.

Guardians at the Gate

-Security at St John’s- Ismet- Arif- Selçuk ©TriciVenola 2012

My hat is off to the people who guard the treasures in this country. It was the day after Ramazan ended, and these two security guards were in a fine mood. They were happy to pose, and I was happy to draw them.

-St John’s 8/12 ©TriciVenola 2012

The heat was pounding down, a scratchy pulsing chorus of cicidas, so I took refuge at the top of this ruined staircase behind the altar, to draw the Citadel on the hill above. 

Eros on a Dolphin

-Fairytale glimpse between two houses in Sirince-A beach somewhere in Izmir- Bronze Eros on a Dolphin- Selçuk Muze- Ephesus.2ndC ©TriciVenola 2012

Racketing around Izmir with Frances on a happy day. This bronze is 1800 years old.

The Sweethearts’ Tomb

-The Sweethearts’ Tomb- Deniz loves Ozon! Hordes of babbling Spanish, searing sun, giant red ants, & artifacts of romance in St John’s- August 24 2012 ©TriciVenola 8/2012

One fairly-well preserved tomb in the middle of wreckage.

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