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Alexander Rides to Midas

-Bes, protector against evil-Roman copy from Cyprus -Hittite Lion 6C BCE -ALEXANDER -Midas tomb bracelets -pitcher -Phrygia 740 BCE -Alexander rides from Hittite lions across the ancient gods & griffins to Midas gold at the Archeological Museum ©TriciVenola 2012

Solid Bronze Baubles

-Bronze cart ornaments -Nicomedia (Ismit) 3rdC AD -Terracotta bull’s head 3rd C BC -Empress Galla Placida, Early 5thC AD -Good Shepherd marble 6thC AD -Ceramic plate Byzantine -Istanbul Arkeolocikal Muse -More running around the museum. ©TriciVenola 2012

Just love drawing this stuff.

Big Faces Agape

-Vize Tumulus -Bronze -Roman Period -Kirklareli 1st C BC -Tykhe Goddess of Destiny -2ndC AD -Bronze bust of Aelia Eudocia: early 5thC AD -Marble satyr mask 2ndC AD Bithynia -Terracotta 1-2C AD -Bronze bulls 1C AD Thrace -Male Bronze stand Claudiopolis (Bolu) 1C AD -Big Faces Agape at the Archeological Museum

A favorite drawing. The bust of Empress Eudocia at center is a weight for measuring goods. She was the much-loved Empress of Theodosius II.

Substantial Mugs

-Medeni Çinar from Siirt -Sea God Niomedia 2C AD ©TriciVenola 2012

Two great big mugs~ One in a cafe and one at the entrance to the Byzantine Museum.

Nizam in 2004

-A good session drawing Nizam from a photo taken 9 years ago in 2004. Balkan rollick and BB King, it’s snowing outside. 8 January 2013. ©TriciVenola 2013

Another mug:  probably my last drawing of this guy, but what a subject: the model for “Kazim” in my short story “A Fine Kettle of Fish,” in Tales From the Expat Harem and Best Travel Writing 2006.

Typical Topkapi Tourist

©TriciVenola 2012

His wife and daughter were undoubtedly inside, lost in raptures at being completely surrounded by ormolu. After a couple of days drawing all this French Ottoman froufrou, I was just finishing up when this guy stomped out of the palace and flopped down on the bench. I couldn’t resist!

The tree and the palace decor are likely the same vintage: 18thC. The Ottomans built this palace after 1453. One Sultan’s mother was French, and it shows.

Topkapi Palace in progress. Sorry, lovely couple who took this picture, I’ve lost your name!

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