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Asia Longshot

-Drawn from Cihangir Camii ©TriciVenola 7/2012

Kis Kulesi, The Maiden’s Tower, across the Bosporus in Asia, with the boats going up to the Black Sea. I spent many summer twilights under the minarets of Cihangir Camii on the hill, gazing out through the trees.

Topkapi Glimpse

©TriciVenola 7/2012

And just above, the palace on the hill.

The Cover

This gallery features all images from Trici Venola's Sketchbook #28, Hot Crosses
Cover Page for Sketchbook 28 Hot Crosses ©2012 Trici Venola

After years of living on the edge, things had improved. Thanks to a generous patron, I had the means to publish a new book, Drawing On Istanbul 2, and could borrow from it during the lean winter months, while I was re-drawing all the major monuments and then some. The stuff seemed to draw itself. I was giving tours to friends and cousins. The government had made it possible for us Residence Permit holders to buy a museum pass, and I could finally afford to spend hours every day drawing in Hagia Sophia. And blogging about it, which was utter joy. I had a stable rent situation, a big mean advocate, my hero, to keep it that way, and lots of friends in Sultanahmet. Life was great, and I’ve got this sketchbook to mark it.

In a loved stone chair at Klaros. Photo by Frances Ergen.

Sultanahmet Longshot

©15 July2012TriciVenola

The fronstpiece for Drawing On Istanbul 2. Sultanahmet and the Mouth of the Bosporus, from Cihangir across the Golden Horn.

Ship and Construction Glimpse

-Ship gliding by construction site on the Golden Horn ©TriciVenola July 2012
 Caught from the docks of Karakoy

Full Moon Conversation

-Two old friends solve the world’s problems over summer coffee in Sariyer—Dr Can ©TriciVenola 8/2/2012

At right is a helluva guy, Dr Can, who fixed my smashed finger for a ridiculously nominal fee. He’s hanging out with his old buddy, and I wish I spoke more Turkish, because their conversation sounded fascinating. So I drew them.

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