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Medusa One

©TriciVenola 8/5/2012

Second day: the shadows make it. I’d intended this for the book, but went in another direction.

God, it was hot. I spent as much time as possible drawing down in the Cistern. Water dripping in the dim echoes, antique columns, few alike, marching off into the shadows.

Carp in the Cistern

©TriciVenola 2012

Down in the Cistern

©TriciVenola 2012 Glad I scanned this before I put in all the blacks. It’s one of the few I prefer to the finished version, shown below. 
Drawn in the dark at the Basilica Cistern ©TriciVenola 2012

This is actually what it looks like down there. I was lucky to find enough light to draw. Water dripping all around, dim and cool. The marks halfway up the columns are from the old water level, when this cistern watered the city.

Medusa on the Side

©TriciVenola 7/2012

Everybody photographs the other Medusa, the one standing on its head. This one has things the other one doesn’t- nostrils and irises. These heads were probably from some abandoned project, used to prop up short columns in the very darkest back corner of an underground cistern. 

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