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They Bought me Ice Cream

Abdurrahman Gazi Türbesi: A great Muslim saint is buried here in this shrine. All day while I drew, groups of traditionally clothed men came and knelt, praying at the shrine. While all the while a woman in traditional dress sat at right and tended to things on her phone.

Plein air drawing of traditional Turkish women
They Bought Me Ice Cream ©2016 Trici Venola

The shrine at Ahlat Cemetery is the centerpiece of a vast landscaped cemetery that is also a park, on the edge of Lake Van. It was Sunday, and these girls were all made up and dressed up and out for the day, carrying their computers and phones, having a wonderful time. They crowded around while I was drawing the pavilion, tilted over the roots of the tree, and brought me an ice cream bar. Each girl looked very different, and they were all so vibrant and beautiful I just had to draw them.

Plein air drawing of a shrine at Ahlat
Shrine at Ahlat ©2016 Trici Venola


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