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Book 36: IN A PIG’S EYE


Am I the only one? To see a screaming owl-faced nymph playing her wings like a lyre, confronting a monumental beast! —TriciVenola 2023

Another trip to Istanbul Archeological Museum reveals… — Not a nymph but a Gorgon! A frightful, desiccated corner Gorgon from the 6th Center BCE. Found in Didyma on the Aegean…— What luxury to live near the museum, so I can check on stuff like this. 


All these wonders are Archaic Greek… — 6thC BCE Corner Gorgon —- Kore eye — She is carved ‘round a corner —  Was this tiny pig a toy? Or a charm or altar offering for a bountiful farm? — If this small stone leaping lion was mine I would never let it go; I would take it to the grave – perhaps someone did — Tiny stone lion 7-6thC BCE — Tiny pig 7-6C BCE — Kore – Archaic Greek = 7-6C BCE – Over life-size — She is still beautiful – even though her nose is completely gone from age — A giant clawed beastie also guards this edifice – Now nothing is left but the Guardians – Didyma on the Aegean. — TriciVenola 2023 — Nothing remains of the building that the Gorgon and the Beast were guarding save the Guardians. I’ve run across stuff like this in my own psyche.


This child was carved in translucent marble in the Second Century CE. I can see the old man he became – if he ever grew up. From Aydin (Tralles) — TriciVenola 2023

He looked so easy to draw —>NOT! — I am humbled by the skill of ancient artists – this tiny lion is 27 centuries old! —7C BCE A rooster? FALCON — From the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (Bodrum) 350 BCE <— This huge old lion still has his jaw- very rare! <— — TriciVenola 2023 — More gleanings from Istanbul’s Archeological Museum. 


Tiny exquisite lions flank a gutter spout — Here is what the ancients had rather the electricity, antibiotics & mobile phones

Tiny-handed archer <—> kneels on this tile from 6 centuries BCE. It’s just about this size: 12 x 12 cm. — Can you see the arrows in his quiver? — Istanbul Archeological Museum 2023 — TriciVenola 2023 — Yes they only lived half as long as we do, yes they kept slaves like we have plumbing & electricity, yes anyone could be enslaved, but damn, this everyday stuff is beautiful.


Giant lion’s eye — Sidon tomb griffin — Boukoleon — Goddess or nymph <— At Istanbul’s Archeological Museum — Sidon Tomb Griffin — Corners of a tomb from Sidon carved fro a single block <— Somewhere in Anatolia — “Without unceasing practice nothing can be done.” —Wm Blake — TriciVenola 2023 — Robert Crumb once sent me a postcard with that Blake quote on it. I took it to heart. It’s the reason we keep working even when nobody is looking. So, keeping my hand in at Istanbul Archeological. The center lion/bull is in Anatolia, from a photo taken there in 2007.

At Istanbul Archeological


From the sublime to the ridiculous — Ham-fisted sculpture here — TriciVenola 2023 — Exquisite carving of someone’s angelic lover as Dionysius, god of wine, theater, gambling and chaos, up top, while below is a rendering of a bad sculpture of ugly old Silenus, tutor and wine scholar to Dionysius. If ever there were two faces of wine…

At Istanbul Archeological
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