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Book 36: IN A PIG’S EYE


Sayburç near Şanliurfa — Drawn to tribal drums — Sayburç Man — TriciVenola 2023 — This long Neolithic relief, about a meter tall and around 11, 000 years old (same general vintage as all of Taş Tepeler) was under a house in a small village near Şanliurfa. The owners knew it was there and never disturbed it. There is more to this discovery but it’s under other houses, and with the massive destruction from the 2023 earthquake, digging is suspended as of this writing.


Sayburç Man. In 11,000 years, nothing has changed — TriciVenola 2023 — Wars and mayhem, great immigrations, massive upheavals of all kinds. Empires have risen, flourished, fallen into dust on the eternal plains, and all the while he’s been down there, surrounded by leaping leopards, holding his willie. I find this enormously comforting.


Klaus Schmidt & Pet – Premier Archeologist, at Gobeklitepe. — In the Fox Chamber, Enclosure C, Pillar 27 — 3D Fox — I thought this was a cat for years, but the tail gives it away. Fox ears must be dessicated. — TriciVenola 2023 — How I wish I had met the man with the imagination and vision to see clearly what had been in front of others for so long. He recognized the age of Gobeklitepe finds, and found their source.


Enclosure A: Pillar 2: Where Farmer Yilmaz found the endless rock — Enclosure D: Pillar 38 — Cute perky fox ears — Eye? — Erosion or alternate long fox profile? — Fox snout & mouth? — Every drawing, I learn something. In all Gobeklitepe, each fox is shown in profile. Is this one an exception? Neolithic art rule-breaker, I salute you! …But no! It IS in profile. Working from several photos is a good idea== if you can’t get close to the real thing. — An In-Situ (As Found) photo shows another mystery- gear & curlicue- like lines in the fox’s body. This appears a lot. Is it deliberate or is it where the sculptor stuck his point in? — MYSTERY FOX OF PILLAR 38 — Ears – Eye – Snout with Fang — TriciVenola 2023 — This is in Gobeklitepe. I learn a lot by drawing this stuff. I believe the curlicue design mentioned above is the result of age and erosion over the method of flint carving, i.e: Where the sculptor stuck the point in. Close-ups follow.


Enclosure A: Pillar 2: Where Farmer Yilmaz found the endless rock —

Close-up of Pillar 2, with an auroch, a fox and a crane

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