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Book 36: IN A PIG’S EYE


7-6C BCE – Sardis – Terracotta — Emperor Commodus – 180-192 — 7-8CE – Sardis – Terracotta — A fanciful griffin, a horrific Medusa, and the battered marble eyes of a psychopath at Istanbul’s Archeological Museum — TriciVenola 2023 — Anybody who saw Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator knows who Commodus was. Sadly, in real life he caught wise to the plot against him and executed his sister. I find it chilling that only his eyes remain of this statue. The fabulous archaic Gorgon is for protection from eyes like these.


First take on Severus Alexander, Roman Emperor 222-235CE — Faceless nymph filling in for Severus Alexander’s awful mother with snake — Sculpture garden Istanbul Muse — Horrible indigestion – chest pains= please let this be just gas – took aspirin & bicarb – 12 July 2023 — Dervish Effluvia found during restoration — drawn upside dow— TriciVenola 2023 — This is one of Istanbul’s surreal juxtapositions, that all these diverse cultural elements are found in the same city, not far from each other. 


Got you, you 3rdC hottie! Severus Alexander, Roman Emperor 222-235. In Istanbul’s Archeological Museum. — He shouldn’t have listened to his mother. — TriciVenola 2023 — He looks like Elvis and Brad Pitt, doesn’t he? Totally modern face! Severus Alexander’s mother’s advice got him killed


Archangel with the body of Hercules – 2ndC CE – A suitable body for this lost Emperor’s head —- Lyric morphing of folds into feathers — Roman Emperor 222 – 235 — It’s the least I can do for you, Severus Alexander! — TriciVenola 2023 — This honey deserves a body to match his handsome face, so I gave him one. It’s in the same gallery and only a century older.

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