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Book 36: IN A PIG’S EYE


—Thousand year stare across the millennia — 12,ooo-year-old KARAHAN MAN as found (top_ and put together — TriciVenola 2023 — Big Internet excitement at this 2023 discovery at Karahantepe of a seven-foot man replete with stylish hair, beard and erection. I named him KaraMan because he was found at Karahantepe, and because Karaman means Hero.


KaraMan – 7 feet tall – 12,000 years old  – Great hair & cheekbones…he’s my new hero. — <—I wonder about this distinct diamond pattern on his cheek & hair- deliberate? Or an aspect of carving with flint? — KaraMan — TriciVenola 2023 — Don’t look now, but that beard is positively Egyptian. Much fuss is made over his hands near his phallus, which was broken off when found and glued back on later. He was originally on a very tall stone plinth, so towered above everyone. I can’t wait to see him for real.


Vulture – Crack – Symbols on Altar stone – kissing snakes? Or just one? — Portal Stone — Snakes — More 12,000-year-old mysteries! —- Life-size painted pig <— — Altar Stone — Snakes — Shape behind pig’s ear — Paint: traces of red, black & white — In a pig’s eye: Life-sized painted pig at Gobeklitepe at Portal Stone, symbols on altar… — TriciVenola 2023 — Big new discovery at Gobeklitepe, along with a vulture sculpture and our next contestant: Grimjaw.


Big Squint: Supercilous raised eyebrow – and is he pointing up? — Gobeklitepe — TriciVenola 2023

This is a huge new discovery at Gobeklitepe, and I owe Tepe Telegrams for the excellent hi-rez photo this was drawn from.The mystery is his eye. That raised right eyebrow is familiar, and sure enough I found it on another sculpture, from Karahantepe. Same eyebrow, same side, but different expression. The other one is whistling. Grim’s eyebrow is broken off, while Whistler’s is intact. Still exploring this.


SUPERCILIOUS WHISTLER AT KARAHANTEPE — Brow ridge — 2 flints used to carve—-> Biblos Point—> Nemrik Point — Now we know where those diamond shapes come from — Same Supercilious eyebrow — Brow ridge broken out — <—Eye—> — Is this a skeletal jaw hinge?—> Flint Scraper—> Origin of those circular shapes — GRIMJAW IN GOBEKLITEPE — This detail is so pronounced it seems deliberate – See “Biblos Point” above. Thanks Thore Hübert —- Many worlds in this desiccation – Much growth on the stone on this side—> — I can’t see a corresponding jaw hinge here… But here are teeth — Grimjaw CloseUp tank to fab hi res photo on ‘Tape Telegrams.’ — THAT’S SOME JAW!!


“You know how to whistle, don’t’cha? Just pucker up your lips and… blow.”

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