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— One very old lion! At the Museum at Urfa — A leopard skin? —This stone may have framed a star. —  Lion Hole Stone in [Enclosure] AD — Neolithic Water Channel —

— Lions, Leopards & Foxes: Cats & Dogs at Karahantepe  — A broken fox next to shattered stone in the Throne Room [Enclosure] AD — drone footage — Cook pots? Rain catchers? Up top at Karahantepe — Broken Fox closeup —- Roof tile? — Mangled Leopard on a rock in [Enclosure] AD—— I drew much of this from video footage of Karahantepe on the Internet during the second Covid lockdown.


— In Situ — Stolen Head from Gobeklitepe – this seems to be the only photo -Ripped off the day it was found in 2010 – Serpent? – Bracelets? – Face? —- Smiley – 2 aspects of Smiley — Serpent (?) detail from stolen head — stolen Head bracelet detail — Baby hand — “Baby Hand” — Face detail from Stolen Head —

— Skull Boar — Scream—— I discover a lot while I’m drawing this stuff. The stolen head was a great scandal, and Lead Archeologist Klaus Schmidt took full responsibility, paying the Turkish government an enormous amount in compensation.


—Drawing the ancient mystery to Miles Davis 12 January 2022 —IT’S ALL HAPPENING AT KARAHANTEPE – 12-9Century BCE – ZOWIE! — Some sort of bird — Another surprise face — A Mesolithic dodo? — Free-Standing Snake Man —Surprise face back of this Flat-Face stone — Flat Face —  “Elmer” – He’s got eyes!—— Drawing this stuff slows me down so I see things I wouldn’t notice at a place, like these seeming-faces on the sides and backs of these sculptures. Here are Snakeman’s cohorts in closeup for phones.


— Karahantepe Double Header c10,000 BCE — URFA MUSE Double Snake (?) Face from Karahantepe. Looks like there were two more on the back, circa 11,000 years ago. — Classic Greek theater masks — we humans have been at this a long time! — Japanese Now masks. Expression changes with aspect—— I’ll bet all this stuff was painted. We had paint 25,000 years ago. Here’s a closeup for phones.


— I love this 11,500 year old character — “Melvin” from Karahantepe, with a face on the back of his head. ——- Okay, I spend a lot of time with these entities in stone and I give them nicknames. This one’s my new boyfriend. He’s over life-size, in the museum at Urfa.

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