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Trici Venola — Book 35 MEGALITH —Ancient Entities — Turkiye 2020-2022

Oh, the older the better! During two Covid lockdowns I spent a lot of time scrutinizing photos I took in 2021 at the Archeological Museum at Şanliurfa, learning a lot as I drew. These fill the center section of this book. The beginning and end are from two visits to the Aegean and down into Southern Turkey, drawing on sites there. The screaming skull boar’s ear at left, carved 11,500 years ago with flint tools, is only one mystery from Gobekli Tepe.


—Ephesos: Had drawn this Hercules and was waiting for the Brazilian tourist to leave when I suddenly realized what a golden opportunity I was throwing away. I had to follow the guy, lurking & snapping pictures like a fool, and reconstruct him later Messy but nailed him!——

I put in an hour in Ephesus drawing the Goddess Fortuna, but lost interest when I heard a guide say that this is a replica. I’ll find the original one day and draw that.


—Frances’s courtyard with Tabby Cat / September 2020—— In Selçuk. Frances, myself and the cat were all relieved to be walking around after months of Pandemic restrictions. I love this courtyard.


Pamucak Beach Sunday September 2020—— Nobody thinks of Selçuk as a beach town but here we are on the Aegean anyway.

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