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THE COVERED FEAST: Drawing in the Grand Bazaar

The present Bazaar is zoned by what is sold where. A store in the silver zone can’t sell you gold.

Mao of Grand Bazaar

Many businesses are passed down from father to son for centuries. Here are several generations of the Şengör family, who have been selling carpets on Takkeciler Street for a very long time. I drew the mother and grandfather from photos.

Şengör Family in their carpet shop, Grand Bazaar ©2003 TriciVenola

Another old photo from the end of the 19th century:

Gulersöy Collection, Grand Bazaar c1880

This has got to be where Şark Cafe was until very recently. Now this intersection is under construction. Here it is, prior to construction, from the other direction.

Şark Cafe prior to construction

I went all over the Bazaar with my book of old photos, conferring with groups of fascinated salespeople and taking pictures. This next engraving is likely near the mosque up on Yaglikcilar Street.

Gulesöy Collection, Women in White Near Mosque

That big dark center arch probably went in an earthquake. Here’s the spot today:

Here’s another place I love:

Gulersöy Collection, High Arch with Cat

And that’s got to be here:

Leaning Curve Post

For years I wondered what made that curve lean like that and now we know.

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