-Büyükçekmece Çevre Koruma ve Guellestirme Dernegi Alahattin Cücük -Spectacular mountainscpes as we head toward Malatya -Vast pale mountains behind dark ones -The mountains are so beautiful they make me cry –I need temporary deafness -Earsplitting harsh commentary blasting out of speakers -Inescapable -Forlorn dusty riverbed and dam beyond -Family waving to us as they take the air in a very tiny village high in the mountains of Anatolia -U ISIL IS TV -God save this land from its government -Valley after valley ruined with dams -“The fruit production economy of the Euphrat Valley would exceed that of the energy produced by the dam” -Eker -TriciVenola ©2007

O that goat train! Those spikey mountains! That goddess rock! And that family waving, they break my heart.