Me drawing out the window. The next four pages are full of tiny thumbnails drawn on the fly, which appear much larger here, like this:

-In the dawn the moon turns a different face -Solid blocks of poplar trees -You see these lone formations that look like mounds— and here, they could be! -The only bushes here are at the tracks. -A door in a hillock -Doga Dernegi (Nature Society) -Atlas Magazine, Doga Turizm// organized this train-325. -A lone olive tree -Like a pepper tree -Knuckles of distant brown mountains -It is very, very dry. -A plateau- house near a huge rock -A whole flock of turkeys in Turkey -Men & women standing with plastic sacks of potatoes. -TriciVenola ©2007

These things were drawn as they flashed by the windows of the train. The descriptions above make a poem of Turkey.