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Megan and the Groves of Academie at Yeditepe – “She’s MUCH more beautiful” – 2 of Megan – Misty moon, shrouded in cloud cobwebs over Baran Bufe @ 3AM – This was quite a day. Woke up in the Turkish House at Kybele; had a ruder awakening downstairs- “The roof is leaking” and I had to move. Dithered around & found another hotel via Namik @ Pudding shop. Moved all my shit – repacked & slept awhile, went & drew on the tramline awhile, went to FRIENDS at the Pudding Shop, had a hand massage that made me faint, watched US atrocities on CNN w/ Adım. Ate 3 baclava & then wound up dancing at Mosaic w/ Elizabeth, Amy & Megan. Megan read my book! Goodbye Amy (sigh.) ——-Like I said, I had PTSD and didn’t know it. It made me obtuse & tiresome. I had just worn out my welcome in the Turkish House. But I had the last laugh. It was at the second hotel that I found my little cat Ygor, screaming in a mud slide out in the storm but quickly rescued, warmed and fed, petted & loved, my best friend for 15 happy years.


Little girls watching me draw in Galata – Kevser – Tuba – All down the long afternoon in May 2004——Tuba eternally munching her chips, oh so adorable. I searched for this neighborhood for years in vain, remembering trees and a minute glimpse of a mosque across the water. Then I realized I’d been up the street a hundred times, as my church is near there. They had cut down the trees. It had changed the entire aspect of the place. But the neighborhood is still full of stately old houses.

ENES IN GALATA “Please draw my pichor!” “Okay, hold still” -And he DID!! Enes from Galata—– in the crowd of children watching me draw their neighborhood. I drew the little girls but not the rowdy boys- except this one, so sweet.


Like a ballerina – Ezgi – at Julien Cafe in Tunel——-What a beauty! Years later I ran into her working at a theater on Istiklal, still lovely.


Promised land in Cihangir – O will I ever find an apartment? With a view? Here?——No, I didn’t. I found that one in Tarlebaşi with the view and a feral landlord. Elizabeth took me all over Cihangir, but no go. Six years later I moved down the street from this picture, and I’m still here. No view, but a nice balcony.

Framed view at the cafe at Dolmabahçe Palace.

False Start #1 Neve Shalom

This is the Synagogue that was bombed in 2003, drawn from the top of the stairs opposite. It’s now repaired and renovated, and none of this lovely detail shows from the street anymore. This was really hard to draw. I tried to use the building at right for proportion, but it too was in perspective. I wound up measuring everything by the center arched window… after three tries!

False Start #2 Neve Shalom


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