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Los Angeles artist Trici Venola comes from a background of hi-profile digital art creation. Words like groundbreaking and cutting edge are used to describe her work from 1984-1999, when she was a premier digital artist, lecturer and MacEvangelist. In the early days of the Macintosh, she authored a series of art software programs that raised the industry standard and attracted the attention of clients such as Disney, Apple, Super Mario and Paramount Pictures. During the changeover to digital art in the entertainment industry, she was asked into the studios to teach their artists how to create art on a computer. She was one of the first digital artists to show her work in galleries, and her digital fine art was featured in magazines (the premier issue of Juxtapoz comes to mind) and exhibitions worldwide. In 1999 Venola left the digital world to travel and draw in Turkey. She still creates art onscreen, and applies her computer art skills to doing her own pre-press work on her analog drawings. Her stories about Turkey have been published in Tales from the Expat Harem (Dogan, 2005), Best Travel Writing 2006 and Encounters with the Middle East (Travelers’ Tales, 2006 and 2008.) She lives in Istanbul.

That’s the official bio.

My name, short for Patrice, is pronounced TREE-see. I’m a writer and artist living in Istanbul. I used to be a digital painter in Los Angeles, my hometown, which colors everything I do now. This blog is about living in Turkey. Been writing and drawing about it all for years, since my first trip here in 1999, and just did not put it in a blog until now. These days I resist anything that means time on a computer. It’s so addictive, and then there’s my past.

From 1984-1999 I sat in one spot in the center of the computer revolution, staring into screens, surfing the technology wave, working twice as hard to dodge and surmount all the obstacles a computer puts in the way of creativity, learning how to embrace its double-edged attributes. I worked so hard to get the stuff into the computer– so many programs, so many hundreds of thousands of hours– and then equally hard to get it out, as video, prints, moving parts of sculpture. Much of this time was before drawing tablets, sophisticated print systems and the Internet. You can see some of the computer art that was considered groundbreaking in the 1980s and 1990s here.

I traded all that for a sketchbook and some drafting pens. This blog will concentrate on these drawings, augmented by occasional digital stuff, documenting the present and the last ten years of my experiences in Turkey.


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