50Shell Fossil - WELCOME BACK
Drawing After the Flood ©2016TriciVenola

Oh, keeping up this blog killed me, and what a joy dying. I had so much information bottled up, and it just exploded into all these posts, summer  2011. I went full throttle until mid-2014.

News Flash: there will be new historical posts. Meanwhile check out this sketchbook!

00 Urartu Title Page72 - WELCOME BACK
Title Page Book 32 ©TriciVenola 2016

I learned all this historical stuff after I moved here to Istanbul, in 2004. I felt compelled to draw all the antique bits sticking out here and there. As I drew,  I read online, I read books, and local people came over while I was drawing and told me things that aren’t in the books, like about the church that is now a plastics factory. I started taking people around, showing the places I’d found, telling the stories I’d learned that made it all come alive.

55Ghost Arches Ayasofya CU - WELCOME BACK
Ghost Arches in Ayasofya ©2012TriciVenola

I felt that people would expect a lot, and wanted to give it to them. The posts grew to epic proportions. I posted each month, and it took two weeks to build each post. There was a small cadre of dedicated readers, and I cherish every one. But I just couldn’t keep it up. As much fun as these are to read, as many of you have said, they’re just too darn long.

03Obelisk Chariots lost72 copy e1544693452158 - WELCOME BACK
Chariot Parade Lost.detail ©2011 TriciVenola

So we’re putting them into smaller, more digestible chunks. Each huge blog post is to be found with its brother posts, under an umbrella title to be found in the Blog Categories. “We” are myself, the artist and writer, and Robert Spoden, the Webmeister, without whom none of this would reach you. We hope you like the new format!

It’s an unbelievable amount of work. As has been said there will be new historical posts. In the meantime, here’s my very first blog post ever, from 2010: about the first time I ever heard about blogging. All I’ve done is add some pictures.


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