“Happy to be a shepherd” in Karaseyh Köy -30 April -©2016 TriciVenola
He dropped out of school- said he’d rather be a happy shepherd than study. He’s ten. —
This was relayed to me by a dismayed Ezra. The kid refused to learn to read, even, and his parents allowed him to leave. But he and the sheep do look happy!


This downloadable image is suitable professional printing and framing.

Trici Venola is an independent artist who has been documenting Turkish culture, history and architecture since 1999.
During her adventures in Turkey, Trici has produced over 2,500 detailed line drawings. Many of the places she has documented have since disappeared. By purchasing this download you are receiving a beautiful and unique work of art to add character and prestige to your home or office, or to give away as an elegant gift. Your purchase contributes to this pioneering effort documenting precious history and present culture in the dynamically changing county at the center of the world.

Printed size: 18x52cm
File format: Hi resolution TIFF, 300 DPI


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