Chairs at Priene Framed Print

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-Priene -Wind in the pines- Lion-footed chairs- Thick slick patina enamels the heavy solid marble- so familiar & right- 24 August 2012 ©TriciVenola 2012

The ancient Greek theater at Priene is overgrown with pine trees, which horrifies archeologists. I find it charming. There are five massive marble chairs around the stage at center. They are right at the edge and there is no blood screen. This means that the theater is intact from ancient Greek times, before the Romans and their blood sports. Alexander the Great paid for this theater. Did he sit here? Many tourists have, which is the reason for the thick enamel-like patina, all from the last hundred years.


Framed Fine Art Print

  • 21 x 7″ Sunset Cotton Etching
  • Style Name: 1/2″ Extra Border Added
  • Frame Name: (435500)
  • Frame Size: 24.00 x 10.00″
  • Mat Outer Size: 24 x 10″
  • Matting: (A4920)
  • Glazing (Acrylic Glass):
  • Mfg #: 1-435500-A4920-51188

Custom framed prints usually require 3-5 business days to complete.


Trici Venola is an independent artist who has been documenting Turkish culture, history and architecture since 1999. During her adventures in Turkey, Trici has produced over 2,500 detailed line drawings. Many of the places she has documented have since disappeared. By purchasing this framed fine art print, you are receiving a beautiful and unique work of art to add character and prestige to your home or office, or to give away as an elegant gift. Your purchase contributes to this pioneering effort documenting precious history and present culture in the dynamically changing county at the center of the world.


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