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Bunnies & Griffins & Bears Oh My!


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A shot-up saint over a zoological stack of fabulous creatures, with two happy bunnies in the centre. The rabbits are indigenous to Aghtamar Island, and to many other islands nearby. Most of them are black, a hallucinatory hippity-hop among the rocks and seagulls. Torn-up celery and lettuce for the bunnies line the tourist walkways. Centuries of monks must have dined on these rabbits, worn their fur and probably made pets of them as well. They are accompanied by white goats and gulls.

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These premium, extremely durable cases protects one’s phone in every situation, in the meantime being very light. The surface is perfect for high quality prints, making it a must-have style accessory.

.: Extremely strong plastic
.: With rubber liner
.: Impact resistant, durable
.: Rubber inside plate
.: Supports wireless charging

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